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Good health and well-being are the foundations upon which all communities are built and thrive.

As per Global Health Security (GHS) Index 2021, the world’s average overall GHS Index score reduced to 38.9 (out of 100) in 2021, from 40.2 in 2019. India ranked 66 out of 195 countries with an overall Index score of 42.8 and with a change of -0.8 from 2019.

United Way India Foundation is committed to upgrading the quality and access to health services for the marginalized and vulnerable communities.

Our programs promote good health and healthy practices including upgradation of primary and community health centers, awareness education through different campaigns, sanitation and hygiene support and promotion.

The new goal worldwide for good health promotes healthy lifestyles, preventive measures, and modern, efficient healthcare for everyone. Unfortunately, many communities still lack access to clean water, proper sanitation, and nutritious food, making them highly vulnerable to diseases.

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